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Company profile

Happy Fox is a comprehensive company integrating R&D, design, marketing and other modern enterprise management structure. Since its inception, the company has been committed to promoting the development of the big health industry, adhering to the enterprise concept of "gathering gratitude and love, transmitting health and happiness" and the "people-oriented" design concept, advocating that "fashion is not a soulless copy, the charm lies in rigorous meticulous work". In the new era of mobile retailing, we will continue to forge ahead and develop diversified industries. Happy Fox (Happy Flower, 07 and 08 Underwear, Happy Fox Goddess Trousers, Happy Fox Goddess Children Trousers), XFHL (Nutrition Substitute Cookies, Weight-loss Consultant), 0.18 Smart Socks, LA, Happy Mermaid, Fruit Factory, Dooming Jewelry and other independent brands and products. As the leader of the industry, Happy Fox has always been at the forefront of the times. It has not only created many innovative products, constructed a good social reputation and brand image, but also regarded founding a century-old national enterprise and brand as a lifelong mission to create more high-quality products, services and better happiness for global consumers. Life.

Happy people make a happy life

Guangdong Happy fox underwear is a high-end underwear brand, whose underwear make out of silk fabric and respiratory silica gel,The registered capital of the company is as high as fifty million, it is a rapidly developing, ever-changing innovative Brand Company in the industry.We adhere to the high-quality goods conception , depending on the quality of life, providing healthy dressing idea is high cost performance for millions of Chinese women . Rapidly, we become a shining star in the domestic underwear market , God makes man, we only create happiness! Xingfu huli is great for his dreams.

Underwear·staring from free breathing

The perfect underwear is not only fashion but also a dressing experience of healthy pursuit and comfort .Happy fox underwear adopts German respiratory silica gel and jinyu silk fabric ,so far ,This technology has ranked the first in the country.Happy fox underwear has its two features :1.To alleviate breast fatigue, benefiting breast growth;2.without hoop ,breathing .Why is it a breathable underwear ?Because the underwear fabrics and materials adopted is with many particles of air holes, the air inside and outside can be free circulation, won’t make you feel sweltered , like the body's pores, you can not feel its breathing and ventilation, but they still exist .If the underwear is not breathable, it will have a negative impact on the breast. healthy breast starts from the free breathing.


The Happy fox underwear design Ltd. was born in the new era of the cradle ,which has been positively changing the way of thinking,innovating business model, utilizing many of aspects of the innovative strategy that includes new technologies, new technology, new equipment, new products, new development .The company now has a team of highly qualified experts with excellent R & D team and advanced product design, they convert the world advanced scientific research achievements into consumer goods for general public , so that ordinary consumers can directly experience happiness from the progress of science and technology.It will be revolutionaryinnovation ,when the new products are launched ,Through continuous innovation, they are committed to promoting the Chinese women underwear for breast health care .

Happy fox·Global strategy

Happy fox has been gradually taking steps on the international road, it has the implementation of the layout in the country, whose brand has been expanded to Southern China, north, East, southwest and other major domestic second tier city, obtains a good response in the greater China and even the Asia Pacific region, and sets up a good image in the industry .In the near future, Xingfu huli will be based on domestic strides towards the overseas market, which is the strategy of this brand to be put into “going -out “across internationalized gradually .

Responsibility · happiness carrier

Happy fox underwear has been adhering to the "great love" business philosophy that is Social commitment - great love, so far,Happy Group has helped nearly 100 thousands of vulnerable groups and nearly 1 million people to succeed in their business, they are towards a happy and wonderful life. Just in this a few years , the Happy fox association went to many poor areas, including supporting for Liangshan hope primary school, Wenzhou County, Taishun flood disaster, care about Environmental sanitation worker, Diaoyutai charitable projects and other charitable projects,in the meanwhile ,Happy Fox and Yiwu University as well as Matchbox service came to reach strategic cooperation.In the future, Happy Fox will continue to uphold the principle of gratitude, convey the love to more people in need, they will carry on the charity till the end .

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